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Devotional: Sleeping Beauty

The goal of evil is to snatch me from realizing my…Mark 13:22

I must be ready for constant and efficient…Ephesians 6:10-18

Resisting sin & temptation can be severe to…Hebrews 12:3-4

The power that strengthens me is…Colossians 1:11

I prepare for Satan’s attacks by putting on Jesus… Romans 13:14

Today, we are adjusting to increasing threats of terrorism. They come in threats from soldiers carrying guns to unmasked people strapped in suicide vests. We are warned that if we see something, say something. The enemy is here and danger is likely lurking nearer than we think. There are no uniforms for evil because it chooses when to announce itself wether before or after harm depends on the mission.

The goal of evil is to snatch me from realizing my elected position. (Mark 13:22) Much like the wicked that snatched Sleeping Beauty so she will not know what she is entitled to. I must be ready for constant and efficient spiritual attacks. (Ephesians 6:10-18) Satan will never give up. I am chosen to belong to God. I am made for His purpose and this makes me a target. Satan hates that I choose God and he will use everything at his disposal to interrupt my commitment, my desire to want what God wants. He will tempt me with things that appeal to my spirit. He will use things that seem good and harmless. His efforts are constant and sometimes are efficient to cause doubt, to cause me to lose faith.

Jesus warns us of persecution and suffering that will come because we love him. Jesus suffering for our forgiveness caused Him physical, emotional and spiritual pain. Resisting sin and temptation can be so severe to cause physical, emotional pain and death.(Hebrews 12:3-4) I believe that satan attacks our physical and emotional senses in order to break down our spirit. We have to be alert because our suffering and pain does not have the final say. We are not claimed by pain, though, pain maybe part of each day. Pain does not own us. This is a very hard thing to separate from our spiritual being because our spirit is very much affected by our physical and emotional health. This factor makes us, especially, vulnerable to being spiritually distracted and even blinded. Satan's attacks can be quite efficient when we are weak and trying in our own strength to fight against sin and the temptation to lose faith.

The power that strengthens me is all of God’s power.(Colossians 1:11) We say this but do we claim it? Think about this. All of God's power comes to us through Jesus Christ so that we can bring glory and honor to God. The power that makes the ocean move and the earth turn on it's axis, that created the frogs and the universe is for me to win over sin and temptation. There is no more powerful anything. Nothing can keep me from being victorious when I employ God's power over anything in my life.

I prepare for Satan’s attacks by putting on Jesus, every day. (Romans 13:14) When I think my life is over, then I ask Jesus to help me see what more there could be. When I was very young, I often felt that I wanted to die. My mom would say that I was selfish and lazy, taking the easy way out. Well, she might have been right about the selfish part. My physical and emotional pain was near to crushing my spirit. Those terrible days prepared me for something later that only Jesus would be able to walk with me through. No one else can understand our individual struggles, pain and suffering, but Jesus and thankfully He has all the grace and mercy we need to come into our inheritance.

Jesus will open your eyes to see His power for your purpose. It might be to be a blessing for your family or an encouragement for your spouse. Maybe there is one more person only you can tell about Jesus. Sleeping beauty had to wait for her prince, we don't have to. Jesus wants to give us the biggest power to overcome, it's super armour, all we have to do is put it on. Jesus, Jesus, oh what a name!

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